Saturday, May 22, 2010


I realize that it's been quite a few days since I last posted some Mail Art! Didn't want you to think I've been lazy or anything- so here's a few pieces I've sent out recently.

Front & Back of an envelope- sent to Taradactyl of SendSomething.

Mystical lunar whale piece of mail sent to a mystical herbalist friend.

Mail Art that integrates two of my favorite themes: Whales and Owls! Sent to Chelle of SendSomething.

First up, a handmade postcard for a swap I'm in. The recipient has an affinity for vintage ephemera and Hershey Pennsylvania where she live (bottom of the card is a picture of Hershey). Get this- she said that sometimes the Hershey factory made the WHOLE town smell like chocolate! That is up there with Willy Wonka magic!

Envelope made to hold a Tea Time ATC (see below) I made for a swap. The Recipient loves Harry Potter (ME TOO!!!) So I themed her envie and her ATC Harry Potter-style.

An Enchanter's Tea Party ATC.

Mail Art Postcard sent to a fellow Mail Artiste.

'The Wild ones are always brighter' - Mail Art Postcard


TARAdactyl said...

Hello! I'm really excited to get the envelope you're sending me :]

elle.mental said...

Looks like you're having fun! I love mailart land it is the place that I can go to free myself from the mundane. Happy d-diving!!