Monday, May 24, 2010

My Inbox of Old- or last week anyway.

Though today was amazing in the Mail area of life, The last several days preceding it had been rather dry. Thus I almost forgot to post these pictures, they were the only rays of light that emitted from my post box all of last week!

Front and Back of a lovely piece of mail art sent to me by Taradactyl of SendSomething. I love that she used a multitude of stamps!

Totally rad Handmade patch sent to me by Half Pint of SendSomething. And, check out that bike chain stationery!

A letter from Lynn Riordan, who is a whiz with vintage postage stamps. I always look forward to getting her envelopes for the variety of stamps she uses- not to mention her wonderful letters too! :)

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TARAdactyl said...

I just got back from a mini road trip and yr letter was waiting for me in the mailbox! thank you times 100 :] it was wonderful.