Thursday, April 22, 2010

Garage Sale Finds and Mail Art.

I must have gone to a dozen garage sales last weekend, and most were lousy-but, I did manage to find a couple rad items. And, I did send and receive some quality mail art this past week, so all is not lost!

This little guy is actually a pencil sharpener. Who'd have thought something so cute could also be so functional?

Secondly, I discovered this lovely treasure box, handpainted and decoupaged. The crafter who did this was a womyn after my own heart (yes, I know it was a womyn because the seller told me so)

The lid- which initially drew me in...

Only to find it's this wonderful blue owl interior.....

AND NOW, time for a selection of last week's mail.

Barn Owl Card sent from my friend Carolyn- she knows well my love for owls

Totally neat postcard I received from Hope Hayes (Knitsicle) via Swap-bot. Not only is this card painted and embroidered, its inspired by a Bikini Kill song! Could this be any radder?

Isn't it a lovely envelope? Received from Eileen Oh via SendSomething.Net - the tea was great by the way- I love the strong floral tones of Jasmine.


A little creature that I drew with a Bic pen, and added a little color with an oil pastel Sent to a fellow mail artist.

The name of this picture is "Chaos in Cancerland" and was drawn by Jamie Reed (he did all of the art for the Sex Pistols). I refined the linework a little, added a touch of rose here and dash of violet there, and dusted some glitter on for whimsy. Sent to my penpal Meg.

That's all for now, it's getting late. perhaps more tomorrow...

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